Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Comic Book Advertisements!

This week's ads are from Complete Mystery #4, and begins with this inside front cover ad for this mini camera! From the description, I'm wondering if it used 110 film, or if it used 35mm film? Either way, it does seem to use a very special film (only referred to as No. 828 film, which I'd never heard of). A bit of Googling reveals that it uses the same stock as 35mm film, but lacks the sprockets! I was surprised to learn that Kodak was still making this film until 1985, even though they'd stopped making cameras that used it 20 years or more earlier! I'm wondering if it was difficult to get this processed many places...

This ad, I'm not going to talk about all the items... I just found it to be an interesting variation on the usual novelty item ad! Certainly there's a wide variety of items being offered here, eh?

This ad is a bit cooler, though, and it may be one of the earliest ads that used the comic page format! Remember when model railroading was extremely popular, back in the day? I'm not sure when it started fading out -- the 1980s maybe? -- probably about the same time that regular railroads started fading away (not that both regular railroads and model railroading have disappeared entirely, mind you).

Not to be outdone, only two pages after the first model railroading ad, Lionel Trains had their own ad in the very same comic (one of those advertisers couldn't have been happy about that). Between the two ads, I think I like the Lionel one better, how about you?

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