Friday, September 23, 2011

Give-A-Show Fridays: 1967 Marvel See-A-Show Cards, Part 2!

Here's the Hulk entry... and an odd one it is, at that! First, the Hulk's reading, then he's actually running from the police, is being accused of something very odd to accuse the Hulk of... and then there's how it's resolved! Watch for yourself:

The Spider-Man story card actually feels like it could've been adapted from one of the Spidey cartoons! Of course, given they only had seven panels to tell the story, letting us know how Spidey got in the situation he starts out in is left to our imagination...

And with Thor, we wrap up this look at See-A-Show cards... at least until I can either get more in my collection, or until I get someone else to donate scans of some cards!

Next: Another Chad Valley 1970s product!

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