Friday, September 28, 2012

My Toys: "Flying" Superman!

Okay, so sometimes, I just get really, really lucky... I was lucky to meet my wife, for example, because sometimes, when she's out shopping for stuff, she finds things for me!


Case in point: This Superman figure by Mattel! My wife came home with this one day, having found it at Value Village for three bucks! It's huge, almost a foot tall, and is a great representation of the Man of Steel from the animated series and Justice League. I have no idea if this was part of the Superman animated toy line, or if it was a Justice League toy (I can't quite focus on the copyright information).

It's better articulated than you might think from the photos... the head actually tilts up and down as well as rotates, and the hands rotate, too. But what's really cool about this is, it's electronic! There's a button on the side of his belt that, when you press it, will make a wind sound, and then the cape starts flapping (there's some ribs on the cape that make the effect)... or it will make a ray sound and his eyes will glow, indicating the use of heat vision!

I have no idea what these go for on eBay, but I'm guessing a bit more than $3, especially when shipping is included, because this guy's heavy, too!

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