Friday, September 16, 2011

Toy of the Week #3: AHI Robots!

OK, this one is kind of a grab bag... as mentioned before, AHI was the producer of a lot of licensed carded toys, but they also would produce their own original lines (especially if that line traded in on the popularity of other successful toy lines)! So far as I know, the only actual toy license they acquired for robots was the Lost in Space robot, but they did a lot of non-licensed ones!

Apparently this one is known as the "karate robot," probably because of the chopping motion of the arms.

There were other variations of the Lost in Space Robot AHI produced, and we'll get to those when I get to Lost in Space toys! When we get to those, you'll see that Remco also produced a line of Lost in Space stuff, which isn't surprising, because AHI acquired Remco in the 1970s, which led to a number of their licenses appearing as product under both names, with the Remco stuff being more substantial (and expensive).

This robot appears to be a transparent attempt to cash in on Ideal's Zeroids line of toys, although with a wired remote control!

No real good saved search for AHI robots I can give you... although the link from last time should suffice!

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