Friday, September 30, 2011

Toy of the Week #5: AHI Batcopters!

AHI produced about as many Batcopters as Batboats, and I think I have better photos of them, too... so let's start looking at them!

The first of the three I have to show you here (not that I actually have these, just the photos) is this battery-powered model, which is pretty cool! The top picture had a 1977 copyright date on it, and honestly, it doesn't look like any Batcopter in the comics or TV, does it? But it does feature that full-color Batman figure in the cockpit, which is nice!

This AHI Batcopter is much smaller in scale, and I believe it was either friction-powered (i.e., you'd push it against the floor a few times and then let it go) or it was a pull back and release model, either way I think the propellors may have turned.

The last of the AHI Batcopters I have to show you is this one, which I thought I had a better photo of -- better hunt one down soon! This one is basically a gyro-powered toy, which you'd grasp the base of, pull the ripcord, and that would start the propellor spinning, then the helicopter would fly off. AHI used the same molds with different plastic colors and stickers to produce Spider-Man, Hulk, and Planet of the Apes helicopter toys, at least! You can see some of the variations on this page at Plaid Stallions!

Apparently, these Batcopters are pretty rare, because I just checked as I'm writing this, and there's not a single AHI Batcopter to be had on eBay! Still, if you want to check out other Batcopter toys there (maybe there'll be some AHI ones by the time you check it out), click on this link!

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