Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Comic Book Advertisements!

This week's ads come from Hanna-Barbera Fun-In #7, and begins with this inside front cover ad for posters featuring horses! It must've been bizarre to readers of some of Gold Key's non-cartoon titles to find this ad staring them in the face, eh? There was definitely a mini-craze of sorts in the 1970s concerning horses, especially where posters are concerned... or maybe it was an overall poster craze?

Next, it's two ads on one page! First there's the classic Sea-Monkeys ad in the half-page format (I note that this ad makes no disclaimer about the Sea-Monkeys not looking at all like the illustraton). And below, the perennial "learn drafting at home" ad that must've been really appealing to the kids reading about Motormouse and Autocat (yes, that's sarcasm).

I guess it really was just a poster craze, not just a horse craze, judging from this two-page spread where you'd normally expect to find a Columbia House Record Club ad. There's some pretty cool posters here, particularly the Yellow Submarine and John Lennon ones!

One more ad this time around... and this is the kind of ad that's pretty sneaky, as it appears at first glance to be a text feature, providing useful information. But as you can see (especially in the lower right-hand corner), it's clearly an ad! Nowadays, ads like this have to have "paid advertisement" somewhere on the ad, usually at the top!

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