Sunday, October 09, 2011

Countdown to Halloween: Toy of the Week: Aurora Monsters of the Movies Models!

It's tempting to make these first three Toy of the Week entries for October all about the Aurora Monster Models, but then we wouldn't have the pleasure of waiting and seeing the rest of them later on! So, this first week's entry is on Aurora's Monsters of the Movies kits, and you can see what I believe is the full line after the jump!

First up, it's the Aurora King Ghidra model kit! This and the Rodan kit (pictured below) were both introduced as part of Aurora's Monsters of the Movies snap-together model line in 1975, joined by new versions of the Frankenstein Monster, Dracula, the Creature, the Wolf Man, Dr. Jekyll, and others, as you'll see below!
This was probably the best model in the line!

I used to have the Rodan kit, although I never owned the previously-released Godzilla figure (at least, not until it was reissued in the 80s or so).

As you no doubt noticed, these kits were snap-together, which appealed to a lot of kids (not just me)! And as you can see from the Creature kit here, there were also glow-in-the-dark variations, too, just as there were in the earlier series!

One of the problems that some of these kits had, probably due to the maximum size that the smaller box allowed for the kits, was that some of the models had rather dull, boring poses. I mean, check out the Dracula kit here... he's walking with a candle and key ring!

Although I have to admit, the Frankenstein one is much more of a dynamic pose than the earlier one!

Mr. Hyde was another model in the line that was a new design of a character that had been previously represented!
Dr. Jekyll, on the other hand, was brand-new to the Monsters of the Movies line, as seen above!

The Wolfman is the last one of the models in this series. As you can see, sometimes with the snap-together kits, you didn't always get the best fit!

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