Friday, October 14, 2011

Countdown to Halloween: Toy of the Week: Monster Records!

Decided to do one post for all the monster records I've got photos of, and let's start with one you all have probably seen if you've been checking out the Famous Monsters issues I've been posting about every other week!
Sorry for the grainy photo here... this is one of those records that monster fans like myself have long thought was lost forever to us, but thanks to the internet, everything is accessible, so long as you know where to look!

Of course, for children of the 70s such as myself, the Power Records book and record sets were favorites! Along with the superheroes, there were also four monster book and record sets, all adapted from Marvel Comics! Here's the Frankenstein one, that also can be found on the internet.

Marvel's Man-Thing was another one, as you can see above! Of course this one can be found as well, if you know where to look!

Yet another one was the Dracula set, adapted from an issue of Marvel's Tomb of Dracula. I'm sure if you've been following the clues, you can find this one, as well as the Werewolf one that was based on Werewolf by Night (and which I seem to be missing from my photo library).

At least the Dracula and Werewolf records were later reissued as records only and new cover art so you wouldn't know that these were reissues (and presumably to avoid paying fees to Marvel).

Perhaps one of the more famous Power Records Book and Record Sets is "A Story of Dracula, Wolfman, and Frankenstein," which featured the artwork of Neal Adams!

Of course, we can't forget the monster novelty records! Aside from the Spike Jones one in the middle above, there were many, many reissues by Peter Pan (parent company of Power Records) of their re-recordings of The Monster Mash, Dinner with Drac, and others!

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