Friday, October 21, 2011

Countdown to Halloween: Toy of the Week: Jaymar Monster Puzzles!

This week's Toy of the Week are actually four toys... with variations, even! It's the Jaymar monster puzzles! Based on the Universal Monsters, these early 1960s puzzles are absolutely gorgeous, and highly collectible!
Here's three of them, just as a sampler of what lies after the jump!

The manufacturer of these puzzles, Jaymar Specialty Co., made puzzles for over 80 years, and that's about all the information I could find about them. I do know they did a lot of licensed puzzles (you may have seen the Popeye puzzles made by Jaymar in "Cool Stuff" posts). These puzzles seem to have been made in both boxed and frame-tray versions, and as you'll see, often there was a "guest monster" on each puzzle!

As you can see, these weren't hard to assemble! The image of the Frankenstein Monster and the Wolfman seem to be based on one of the posters for Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman, although the accompanying lab scene doesn't match up with anything from any classic Frankenstein movie I'm aware of!

Next up is the Dracula puzzle, both in boxed and frame-tray versions. This time, the guest-monster is Frankenstein, who seems pretty peaceful there in his box! I wonder if that was inspired by House of Frankenstein in any way?

The Mummy puzzle doesn't feature any guest monsters at all, unless you want to count the animated skeleton in the lower left-hand corner. I wonder how the heck the Mummy's victim managed to get himself all bound up like that except for his head before he awakened?

Last, but not least, here's the Wolf Man puzzle, guest-starring Frankenstein again! Apparently the two patched up their differences from the Frankenstein puzzle, eh? Isn't it odd that the Wolf Man is top-billed, yet the Frankenstein Monster seems to be more the focus of the puzzle's image? And I'll bet it's the last time those ladies go wandering through a spooky graveyard on the night of the full moon, eh?

If you want to go hunting down one of these, be prepared to spend at least fifty bucks, and click here!

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