Monday, October 17, 2011

Dog of the Geek: Bolt!

Bolt_ver2Breed: Generic, but loosely based on American White Shepherd.

Original Appearances: Bolt (Walt Disney 2008)

Other Appearances: Bolt Computer Game (2008)

Biography: Bolt is a small white dog who stars in the eponymous tv show Bolt, in which he portrays a super-powered dog. In order to get him to act on the program, he's been led to believe that he actually has super-powers, and that the filmed adventures are real – so he has to keep saving a girl named Penny to thwart the plans of Doctor Calico. One day, Bolt escapes his trailer because he believes that Penny has actually been kidnapped. He manages to get accidentally shipped to New York from Hollywood, where he meets an alley cat named Mittens, teaming up with her to return to Hollywood (without Mittens being okay with the idea at first). Bolt is confused by the apparent loss of his superpowers, figuring that exposure to styrofoam has removed them. Meanwhile, a Bolt lookalike is found to replace Bolt for filming. Bolt and Mittens have several adventures, including being captured by Animal Control, and teaming up with Rhino, a hamster who is a huge fan of Bolt's TV show. The trio arrive in Hollywood, arriving on the set in time to see Penny embracing Bolt's replacement. This causes Bolt to think Penny never loved him, but Mittens discovers otherwise. When Bolt's replacement accidentally causes a studio fire, Bolt manages to rescue Penny with the help of the fire department. Later, Bolt and Penny both quit the show being replaced with new actors. Bolt, Penny, Mittens and Rhino enjoy their new life together.

Powers: On the TV show, Bolt has a number of super-powers, such as super-strength, laser vision, super-speed, and a super-bark.

Miscellaneous: The original treatment for this movie was American Dog, with a roughly similar plot (without the super-powers). I have no idea why DC Comics or Warner Bros didn't sue Disney over Bolt, given that the TV version of Bolt is very close to Krypto the Superdog, with Streaky the Supercat's lightning bolt marking.

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