Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Kirby Kovers #6

This week's installment of Kirby Kovers begins with What If #11, featuring the original Marvel Bullpen as the Fantastic Four! Kirby's drawn himself as The Thing, Stan Lee as Mr. Fantastic, Flo Steinberg as the Invisible Girl, and Sol Harrison as the Human Torch! It's a pretty silly issue, but a fun read!

Next up is Defenders #44, and as you can see, it features the Hulk, Nighthawk, and Luke Cage facing off against the Red Rajah! If it looks a bit odd, it might be due to the Al Milgrom inks. Some Defenders covers look like they've got Kirby covers, but they're actually Keith Giffen when he was doing a Kirby Clone thing, much like Rich Buckler did for a while.

Next up is Adventure Comics #96, with the Sandman and Sandy! Jack did a great job when it came to covers like this, with Sandman and Sandy appearing just in the Axis leader's dream... appropriate for the Sandman, eh?

Next, it's Machine Man #8, which spun off from the 2001 book! Machine Man was one of my favorite of Kirby's 1970s Marvel books... scratch that, definitely my favorite! It definitely allowed for lots of possibilities for Kirbytech in its pages!

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