Friday, October 14, 2011

Kirby Kovers #7

This week's Kirby Kovers segment begins with the cover to Boys' Ranch #1, yet another example of how Kirby could draw for any genre! This title, written about extensively in several books and articles, was a variation on the Kid Gang genre that Joe Simon and Jack Kirby more or less created, combined with the western genre. This is just a great cover! There's plenty of action, and one can't ignore the detail in it, specially Clay Duncan's fringe flying about!

Next up, it's the cover for Strange Tales #68! At first glance, this doesn't really look all that much like a Kirby Kover, does it? The spacecraft doesn't fit our usual perceptions of what a Kirby spaceship looks like, but when you look at the design of the buildings, as well as the people, it's unmistakably Kirby. I can only imagine that the inking is what makes this appear somewhat different from Kirby's style, especially with the sky.

Next, it's Black Cat Mystic #58, unmistakably Kirby, isn't it? First, a note about the title: It originally began as the superhero title Black Cat, featuring Linda Turner's alter ego, but apparently it didn't sell as well as Harvey preferred, and since horror was selling better, they changed the title to "Black Cat Mystic." I've featured a few issues of this over at the Comic Reading Library, and are fun reads. What I find most amusing about this cover is that the boy is obviously floating in air (from the viewpoint of the parents, who can't se the ghost), but there's no reaction to that!

Last, but not least, here's the cover for Tales to Astonish #21! What I like about this cover is that it doesn't spoil the look of the monster on the cover, just showing its eyes... creepy, aren't they?


  1. King Kirby really did it all, didn't he? :) GREAT post!


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