Saturday, October 15, 2011

Of Mice and Magic: The Cartoons #7

And now we go on to Universal's cartoons, especially those made by Earl Hurd! Hurd worked with John R. Bray, but if nothing else, Hurd earned his place in animation history by inventing and patenting the process of using cels for animation. By the early 1930s, all of the animation studios had given up animating on paper and went to the use of cels, and Bray and Hurd formed a trust to demand license fees from any studio using their techniques.

Leonard Maltin noted that Earl Hurd's equally significant contribution to animation were his Bobby Bumps films, which Maltin said were "...among the most mature, most well-conceived cartoons of the slient era." Judge for yourself with this example!

Working at the Bray-Hurd studio as well was Wallace Carlson, who created Otto Luck, Goodrich Dirt, and Dreamy Dud. Below is a pretty bad video of one Dreamy Dud cartoon.

Also at the studio were F.M. Follett and Layton Budd, although I couldn't find any of their cartoons on YouTube.

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