Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Comic Book Advertisements!

Isn't it good to know that some series of posts here aren't numbered? Of course, those are the series that I've been doing forever and don't want to go back and retroactively number them...
Here's an ad from issue #2 of Gold Key's Hanna-Barbera Fun-In, and it goes to show you know the manufacturers of Flintstones Vitamins were really smart... this one doesn't even require you to buy the vitamins to get the special offer (although I would be willing to bet there'd be coupons for the vitamins in the package when the mugs arrive)!

Check out this ad, offering you 39 board games for only $1.25! Sounds like an amazing deal, doesn't it... until you look and see that there's just really the one board, and all the games are played on it! And it looks like the tokens are just plain discs (could even be cardboard punch-outs)! And note that the game board is only 12" x 18" in size -- how freaking small is the family in the top illustration? I figure the son is about, oh, maybe 2" wide, and Mom and Dad are maybe 9" wide at best!

This next ad comes from Thirteen (Going on Eighteen) #23, although I do recall seeing this ad appearing in lots and lots of comic books in my youth... In the past, I've written about the likelihood that there was some kind of intersection on the Venn Diagram between stamp collectors and comic book readers, and insinuated it was a pretty small overlap... Now, imagine how small the overlap is between comic book readers and fishermen???

This next ad is from Thirteen #24, and it's more interesting than the last two ads were, I think! First up, it's the electric slot race set for $4.95, which was a pretty good deal even then! And it has 66 parts! Well, let's think this through... if there's 12 feet of track, even if each piece is only six inches long, that's 24 pieces there, plus the 2 cars, that's 26 out of 66. That leaves 40 parts left, minus the two controllers leaves 38, then there's the lap counters (down to 36), oh, and there's track joints, so we need one between each of the 24 pieces, so we're down to 12 pieces... and those would be the lamp posts, trees, and spare contact springs, assuming I've got this all figured out correctly. I'm guessing that most kids responding to the ad didn't do the math. Still, it does sound like a better deal than the Haunted House Mystery Bank that costs $1 more... although I'd imagine the bank would sell for more on the collectors' market today! If it's close to the illustration, it must be pretty cool!

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