Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Comic Book Advertisements!

From Thirteen "Going on Eighteen" #8 comes this week's first ad, for 104 King's Knights! Now, I'm pretty sure that these are the same kind of scale as the army men, Civil War soldiers, Roman centurions, etc. that we've all seen advertised in the comics, which turn out to be extremely tiny figures with hardly any detail... but I just have to applaud the variety that this set indicates!

From the same issue comes this ad, promising plenty of extra cash for those people who know just 20 people, although I suspect that some of these people will think twice about answering the door for you if you decided to sell this stuff! "Everyone you know needs Christmas cards," they say? Somehow, I suspect that statement isn't true at all!

From issue #27, here's an ad that I hope you won't look at for too long, else the sickly-sweetness of it will burn itself permanently into your brain, cause your teeth to rot, and who knows what else? At least it's something that the readers of this title would probably have an interest in, eh?

As opposed to this one, which was in the exact same issue! There were a lot of Daisy ads in the Gold Key comics back in the day, and I think you'll see two more of them next week!


  1. "Everyone you know needs Christmas cards".. well.. I know for a fact my mother doesn't need Christmas Cards.. She keeps buying new ones so we have a HUGE amount of them..

    And for Buffalo Bill, we are talking about William Cody? the Nasty person that killed for the fun of it before he learnt and tried to protect the animals? either case.. i don't think the Gun is quite right..

  2. Manic Man - Every family has someone who stockpiles Christmas Cards (that is, if they celebrate that holiday). So far as Buffalo Bill, I'm pretty sure that is Cody they're referring to... never mind the historical inaccuracies, right?


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