Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Comic Book Advertisements!

Aaaand this week, we start with another entry in the ever-popular category of "ads that nobody in their right mind would try to run in a comic book these days," main subsection "guns!" I trust I need say no more? By the way, this ad ran in Dell's Thirteen (Going on Eighteen) #24.

Next up, it's an ad from Thirteen... #9, and obviously it's going to be just as appealing to readers of that book as the Daisy ad before... There's something awfully familiar-looking about the art style on this one... and the lettering looks a lot like what I've come to expect in some Charlton titles, too... Anyway, this was a set of 150 plastic Civil War soldiers for a buck and a half, which sounds like a great deal, right? If this is like some of the similar offers in the past, these are tiny little things that nowadays would be considered a choking hazard!

By the way, here's the cover of the comic this appeared in, so you can get an idea why I figured the target market wasn't being reached:

OK, I won't go on about the minimal crossover between comics readers and stamp collectors again... at least this ad for stamps that was in Thirteen... #25 was clever enough to show some astronaut/space stamps and some dinosaur stamps! I'm sure that there is a lot more overlapp on the Venn Diagram between comics readers and space or dinosaur enthusiasts!

And what the heck, let's end this where we began, with another Daisy ad, this one appearing on the back cover of Thirteen... #10!

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