Thursday, November 03, 2011

Cool Stuff: Batman Stuff!

Yes, we're in the midst of a whole slew of Batman merchandise, beginning with the above poster, produced and distributed outside of the USA!

From Argentina comes this Bat Frisbee -- I strongly suspect that the rights to "Frisbee" weren't quite acquired for this item! You know, what I've always wished they would do is produce one of these that's clear, except for a black Batarang shape, then they could legitimately call it a flying Batarang!

I'm not exactly sure when these gloves were produced, although I'd guess the 1970s, despite the definitely Golden Age logo on the top! The guess is based entirely on the Batman figure on the package. It could be 1966, though!

Batman Golden Records Club Kit! I have no idea what was on the record, it could be the Batman Theme from TV, or it could be one of the Batman songs or stories that also came out around this time on different records!

I'm not certain if this item is a legitimate Batman helmet, or if it was just a black helmet someone stuck some stickers on... anyone know for sure?

How cool is this? This wind-up tin toy is a Japanese variation on a toy called the "Honeymoon Train," which was sold in its original form by Marx Toys, if I'm not mistaken. I'm guessing that the Batplane circles the scene as the train goes around the track.

Here's some really bizarre, chintzy-looking finger puppets produced in Japan! I think that aside from Batman and Robin, the others are supposed to be Catwoman, the Riddler, and the Penguin, but your guess is as good as mine!

Batman Japanese postcards!

"See Batman Fly" kite! hey, didn't anybody tell these people Batman doesn't fly???

Marx Toys Batman watch, circa 1970s!

Marx Toys also made this set of Mask Specs... and I have to say, I strongly suspect that Marx was manufacturing this already for Halloween as "Bat Glasses" or something like that, and when they got the Batman license, they just put it on a different card!

This Mexican Batboat toy apparently opened up, and there was candy inside!

Mexican Poster for the Batman Serial!

Some nifty-looking party napkins in this photo, especially the Super Friends! Too bad they don't do cool napkins like these anymore...

Batman Paint By Numbers Set!

Yes, I know, you've seen the AHI Batman Parachutist many times before, but this was a different card than the last one I showed way back when, and I think the launcher is new, too!

Here's the earlier Batman paratrooper figure from 1966 that, after the license expired, was sold as "Mr. Green"!

Batman and Robin Pennant!

This Marx Toys Batman and Robin pinball machine has an interesting mix of Golden and Silver Age art, doesn't it? The biggest picture has the Dynamic Duo battling the Blockbuster, and I see a 1960s Commissioner Gordon and Batmobile near that, and then there's the Fox, the Vulture, and the Shark (did they appear after the '50s?), a decidedly golden age Penguin, then there's a Joker picture that's really hard to make out, but still looks weird, the Riddler... and then there's the picture they identified as Catwoman, but coloring aside, doesn't it look much more like Batwoman or Bat-Girl to you guys?

Batman placemat! Looks like Alfred used too much starch in the cape, eh?

Very cool-looking plate here, if you ignore the fact that Batman and Robin are running on air, like they're wearing the Trickster's shoes!

Batman Pocket Kite! And you can see that they also had Superman and Spider-Man versions, and all three characters would be on the header card!

I'm guessing this 1976 Batman ring came out of some kind of vending machine... anyone know for sure?

Ending on two really odd Batman items... first there's the Batman ring toss game above, which looks like it could induce some nightmares...

...and then there's this Robin patch, which has a few proportion problems, doesn't it?

More Batman stuff next time around!


  1. Fox, Vulture and Shark first appeared in Detective Comics #253 which was 1958.. They have appeared afterwards but these days... they are pretty stupid 'modern' versions of themselves.. in that 'The Batman' cartoon, they were university kids that got mutated and in the Brave and the Bold cartoon... they were martial Artists and turned into mutated versions ¬_¬

  2. Nice page! FYI, I had that "Batman Golden Records Kit" from the 1960s (I can even remember how much it cost--1.98!) Anyway, it's long gone but I can still remember what was on that LP you're wondering about--it 'read along' to the enclosed comic book, the Batman's origin tale & the story "The Joker's Utility Belt". Sure wish I had taken better care of my Batman stuff when I was a kid!

    1. That's something a lot if us wish! Thanks for sharing!


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