Monday, November 07, 2011

Dog of the Geek: Devil!

devilBreed: Mountain Wolf

Original Appearances: The Phantom Comic Strip (King Features Syndicate, 1936-Present)

Other Appearances: Phantom comic books from all over the world, Phantom 1943 Movie Serial.

Biography: Devil the Wolf is one of The Phantom's animal allies, the others being the horse Hero and the falcon Fraka. Devil lives with the Phantom (Kit Walker) and his family, wife Diana, and children Kit and Heloise. The Phantom first met Devil when Devil was a cub. Devil's sire was named Satan. Devil's mother was killed by hunters who stole two cubs to train as killers. Devil was hidden by his mother's body when she fell, and was hidden. The Phantom found Devil and admired his feisty spirit, and took the pup to train him. When given a chance to return to the pack, Devil decided to stay with the Phantom. Devil often travels with the Phantom around the world, with the Phantom actually purchasing seats on commercial flights for Devil (when told that there's a policy against dogs flying in the passenger cabin, the Phantom replied that since Devil is a wolf, not a dog, the rule does not apply). Satan's wolf pack was actually descended from a group of four pups brought to Bangalia in the 19th century by the Phantom of that era.

Powers: None

Group Affiliation: The Phantom

Miscellaneous: Devil has a close and unusual partnership with Hero, and together they have performed some amazing deeds.

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