Monday, November 14, 2011

Dog of the Geek: Frank the Pug!

frank-the-pug1Breed: Alien disguised as a Pug

Original Appearances: Men in Black, Men in Black II

Other Appearances: Men in Black: The Animated Series

Biography: Frank the Pug is actually a Remoolian, an extraterrestrial, living on Earth disguised as a normal pug dog (which he vaguely resembles, although in his natural form, he has dark green color, antennas, and a 3-pointed tail... at least, according to the animated series). He is usually found at a kiosk operated by a man selling keys. When Men in Black new recruit Agent J is brought there by Agent K for the first time, J takes one look at the man selling the keys and says, “That's the worst disguise ever.” Frank responds, “If you don't like it, you can kiss my furry little butt!” In the animated series, a different person is running the kiosk, revealed to be a robot that Frank presses a button to make it talk – this may be the case in the first movie as well. In Men in Black II, Frank is now an MIB agent, referred to as Agent F, complete with uniform, and is partnered with Agent J.

Powers: None, unless you count having a better sense of scale than J and K have (I know, that makes no sense unless you've seen the first movie).

Group Affiliation: The Men in Black

Miscellaneous: In the movies, Frank was portrayed by a trained pug named Mushu with Tim Blaney providing his voice.


  1. Of cause.. I could debate if its Agent J and Agent K or Agent Jay and Agent Kay but.. for the film versions, I think J and K are correct ^_^;

  2. I'm also fairly certain that the "Jay" and "Kay" variations originated from the animated series...


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