Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Kirby Kovers #12

This week's Kirby Kovers begins with Journey into Mystery #76... Do I overenthuse over some of these covers? Because if that's the case, I'm about to do it again... Look at this cover! Look at that genie coming out of the smoke! It just screams mass and power and "you are in SOOOO much trouble now!" This seems to be another inverted pyramid design, mostly in the form of the genie and smoke itself, although it's echoed with the guy standing just to the right of the genie and the person to the right of him (even the shapes in the background help divide it into pyramids), and if you add in the blurb box, it makes for another big pyramid shape!

Next, it's The Forever People #6... Do you see how Jack's broken up the cover area into two triangles? One of them is Big Bear and the Omega Effect, while the other is Serifan, Beautiful Dreamer, and the other guy (sorry, it's late at night and my brain isn't at 100% at the moment). Great coloring on this cover, too, I must say!

Next, it's Journey into Mystery #79, and instead of one image, we have three panels plus a blurb! If you look carefully, you'll notice that the first panel has a triangle in it (right angle triangle, on the right side). You kind of lose the triangle with subsequent panels as the camera's zooming in more. Of course, this is a natural consequence of using perspective! What's great is how Kirby suggests the power of the Midnight Monster and the fear it causes while not clearly showing its face!

Hey, it's Journey into Mystery #123, and Thor is doing the Samson bit while surrounded by four floating heads! This may sound silly, but what really strikes me most about this cover is the face of the Absorbing Man... Kirby really got a lot of character into his face, didn't he? This cover image looks almost like it could've been designed as an Aurora Model Kit (minus the floating heads, of course), even if it would've been similar to their Superman kit! Good sense of power in the Thunder God here, eh?


  1. One cannot overuse a Kirby comic book cover. Most are so energetic and evocative that any time I see them, no matter how many times I've seen them before they shine with that luster of a new discovery.

    I've run the New Gods #1 cover a bunch at my blog, and I'll keep finding excuses to do it. Love it!

    Rip Off


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