Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Kirby Kovers #9

First up this week on Kirby Kovers is Strange Tales #72, with the robot called the Colossus! This is a great cover, from the design of the gigantic robot (except, perhaps, the coloring, but I'd imagine Kirby didn't pick the palatte), the detail of the water pouring out from between the joints... even the inking is outstanding, with a lighter touch on the background than on the Colossus, drawing your attention right to it! One can almost imagine that as soon as it puts its foot on that dock, the dock will give way due to the extreme weight!

Next, it's Tales to Astonish #62, from the era of the split books with split covers! Of the two, I have to admit that I think the Giant-Man & the Wasp side is probably the best half from a layout perspective, although I think the Hulk half would've benefited if it had been done as the full cover. Got to admit, that look in the Hulk's eyes does indicate that the Chameleon is going to regret he's gotten into this line of work!

Next, here's a familiar-looking cover, Fantastic Four #12, just seen last month in the Indexible Hulk entries (or maybe the month before). It's almost like the superhero equivalent of that stock war comics cover where everyone thinks they're just fine, but we can see there's a bajillon Nazis hiding, ready to open fire on them! It's a great design for a cover, utilizing the wall of the cave as a natural dividing point on the cover, separating the FF who are searching for the Hulk, and the Hulk lying in wait! My only quibble with this cover is how the musclature of the Hulk's legs is done... they almost look bloblike, you know? It's possible it was a misinterpretation by the inker... then again, it looks like the Hulk's only got three toes per foot, and three fingers and a thumb on each hand, like the Thing!

Jumping ahead, we're on to Fantastic Four #59, and this is a great cover no matter how you look at it! The powerful figure of Black Bolt calling your attention to the center of the scene, the Great Refuge crumbling in the background, the energy coming off that center scene, the figures of the FF surrounding Black Bolt (including what was probably the most dynamic Sue Storm figure of all time, although her left thigh apppears a bit stretched out, eh?). That figure of Reed Richards ended up being statted for use on a regular basis, becoming the most familiar pose of Reed around!

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