Friday, November 25, 2011

Toy of the Week #13: AHI Planet of the Apes Toys!

AHI made a fair amount of Planet of the Apes toys, although not nearly as many as they did for Batman or Spider-Man. Oddly enough, they decided to make POTA versions of some of the same toys that they made for Batman and Spidey! But we'll overlook those, and focus instead on the really cool POTA toys AHI made!
As you can see from the above photos, AHI made two different kind of Planet of the Apes Horse and Riders, with two variations between them (although you don't see both variations). There were wind-up and remote-controlled versions, and from what I've been able to tell, both had Galen and Dr. Zaius versions... no Gorilla Soldier or Ursus/Urko versions though, oddly enough!

Dr. Zaius must've been considered a popular character, because here we see him on the POTA Prison Wagon toy, which was either a wind-up or friction powered.

Speaking of wind-ups, here's the Wind-Up walking Galen and Dr. Zaius figures!

Like I said, it seems odd that there were no soldier ape or Urko/Ursus toys in this line... It would've allowed them 50% more toys on the shelves at a time, you know! Well, okay, I think there was a soldier ape version of one toy... the Planet of the Apes Paratrooper! Yeah, you remember that scene in one of the movies where the apes go parachuting, right? I didn't think so... because it didn't exist! That didn't stop AHI from making paratroopers... or for that matter, stunt cycles, helicopters, or even a rocket ship, all branded as Planet of the Apes!

Trying to find these toys on eBay is always a challenge... you can search for "Planet of the Apes" in Toys and Hobbies, and get a list like this one... which had 770 results the day I wrote this entry! You could try clicking on "vintage and antique," but the day I wrote this, there were no AHI items there. Clicking on "battery powered and wind-up" did give me a Galen Walker with one leg missing, and the seller was asking $50.99 for it! So unless you've go a lot of ready cash handy, I would advise against clicking on that link unless you just want to browse!

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