Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Comic Book Advertisements!

Time once again for a mini-gallery of comic book advertisements of the past, with accompanying commentary and/or mockery by yours truly!
Once again... it's an ad for a BB gun, which appeared on the inside front cover of Gold Key's Mighty Samson #13! Notice how much emphasis there is on how it looks and works like the "real thing"!

Next up, it's a page from issue 14 of Mighty Samson, a rare house ad from Gold Key, trumpeting the reprinting of Magnus' origin!

I had to put these two ads together so you could compare them more easily... the first one is for Junior Sales Club of America, and they're trying to get you to sell their greeting cards, while the second one is the much more familiar American Seeds ad! Gad, I don't think they updated the photos of those children since they started!

Anyway, from what research I could do, the American Seed Company is still around, although they aren't advertising in comic books any more! The Junior Sales Club of America appears to have been shut down sometime in the 1970s after a series of lawsuits against them (mostly relating to their practices of sending children who signed up boxes of cards each month that the children were supposed to sell for $1.25 or so, but which they had to pay JSC $0.90 per box... and apparently they didn't really care how many they sent, or how much in debt these kids were getting into with them. Maybe they figured it was such a small amount per child that they couldn't get into trouble?).

And we'll wrap up this installment with another bb gun ad from Mighty Samson #15 -- note that this one also promotes a TV western program!

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