Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Comic Book Advertisements!

OK, I'm going to try to give the BB gun ads a break for the rest of the month!
So this time around, it's this house ad for Disney Comics Digest that appeared on the inside back cover of Mighty Samson #15. You know what really bugs me about this ad, more than anything else? The quotation marks around "all new"! Further down into the text, it mentions the "same stories" that you'd be familiar with from comics and movies... so how do they justify calling it "all new"? I'm betting there was some editing and condensation to fit the page size!

From the same comic book, here's an ad for a huge tackle box and fishing pole deal! I wasn't able to find out much about the Niresk Discount Sales company, or the parent company, Niresk Industries, for that matter. There did seem to be a number of lawsuits against them that indicated a lot of shoddy practices, such as claiming that merchandise they were selling was selling for more than they were offering it for (i.e., putting a $10.00 price on something they were selling for $5.00 to make it look like a good deal).

Sheesh, finally an ad we can believe in! I tell you, I miss the Cheerios Kid, although given that Cheerios is getting marketed more and more for adults these days, I doubt they'll be bringing him back! This ad is from Mighty Samson #16.

I suppose the above ad shouldn't come as too much of a surprise, considering that similar sticker packets were being advertised featuring DC and Marvel superheroes! Note the bold "Offer May Not Be Repeated This Season" to get you to order immediately... it doesn't say it "will not," just that it "may not." Weasel words, my friends, weasel words!

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