Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Comic Book Advertisements!

Maybe it's just the ads I'm coming across for this month's posts of Comic Book Advertisements, but I have to tell you... the ads in the Gold Key books seem to really be more sneaky and devious than one would think!
Check out this subscription ad from Mighty Samson #17... looks like a good deal, right? Four comics every month, 48 books a year, for only $5? But I have to be suspicious about it... There are nine titles listed there (with an ellipsis after The Flintstones), and I don't know how often these books came out (I know many of Gold Key's titles were bimonthly, but I thought some were monthly). Nine does not divide evenly into 48! So what's the deal here? Does the ellipsis indicate some other titles may appear? Notice that Little Lulu is pictured in the ad, but not mentioned below! Are you going to get every issue of these titles for that year, or will they just randomly pick four to send you each month?

With Christmas fast approaching, I guess it's appropriate to show this house ad for the Golden Magazine Christmas Annual, eh? Although I hope the Santa looks a lot less creepy on the actual magazine itself!

Hey, it's a Matchbox cars ad done in comic book format! Note the complete lack of a human presence in this ad.

And finally, here's an ad from Mighty Samson #18, with the offer to join the Banana Splits Club... an offer I'm amazed I didn't try to take advantage of, because I was (and remain) a huge fan of the Banana Splits! Tra la la, tra la la la, tra la la, la la la la....

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