Monday, December 12, 2011

Dog of the Geek: Gromit!

wallace-and-gromit-rabbitBreed: Beagle
Original Appearances: “Wallace and Gromit” animated shorts and features, beginning with A Grand Day Out (1989).
Other Appearances: Unknown
Biography: Gromit lives with his owner, Wallace. He was born on February 12, and graduated from Dogwarts University with a double first in Engineering for Dogs. He enjoys knitting, reading the newspaper, and cooking. He's handy with electronics and is an excellent airplane pilot. Sometimes, Gromit refuses to take Wallace's orders. His only love interest was Fluffles, a poodle.
Powers: None... well, he does seem to have opposable thumbs of a sort, which most dogs are missing (except for some in prior posts)
Group Affiliation: None
Miscellaneous: Originally, it was considered to give Gromit a voice, to be provided by Peter Hawkins, but that was abandoned. Critics believe Gromit's silence makes him the perfect straight man for Wallace.


  1. Other Appearances would include both Wallace and Gromit 'Series' (Cracking Contrapions and World of Invention), the Wallace and Gromit Comic series (it was a newspaper strip that was then reprinted as a Trade paperback (Note: NOT graphic novel.. the line between Graphic Novel and Trade Paperback blurred enough without other places making such a mistake)) and the Wallace and Gromit computer games.. Of course, there are also Posters, Stickers, Colouring Books, figures and online flash games.


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