Monday, December 26, 2011

Dog of the Geek: Jack!

jakecutter1Breed: Jack Russell terrier

Original Appearances: Tales of the Gold Monkey TV series (ABC, 1982)
Other Appearances: None
Biography: Jack is the dog of Jake Cutter, an ex-Flying Tigers pilot operating out of the South Pacific in 1938 running an air cargo delivery service. I don't think we really know what caused Jack to lose his eye, but he used to have a false one made of opal with a star sapphire center that Jake lost in a poker game, and Jack refuses to let him forget it. Jack wears an eyepatch to cover the location of the lost eye. Jack believes that he is Jake's best friend, as opposed to alcoholic mechanic Corky.
Powers: Jack would bark once for “no,” and twice for “yes” – unless he felt like saying it the opposite way.
Group Affiliation: Cutter's Goose crew.
Tales of the Gold Monkey

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  1. Hah! My brother and I loved this silly show! I got him the complete series not too long ago!


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