Monday, December 05, 2011

Dog of the Geek: Sandy!

annie_sandy_ditn230Breed: Airedale Mix (as portrayed on stage)
Original Appearances: Little Orphan Annie comic strip, which debuted in 1924.
Other Appearances: Little Orphan Annie radio show, comic books (reprints of the newspaper strips, mostly), the musical (and film based on it) Annie, and a whole mess of merchandise!
Biography: Sandy first appears in Little Orphan Annie in January 1925 as a puppy that Annie rescues from abusive boys. She keeps Sandy hidden in Mrs. Bottle's grocery store, where she's working, but eventually gives him to Paddy Lynch, who's able to give Sandy a good home. Sandy returns in May of 1925 as a mature dog when he rescues Annie from gypsy kidnappers and stays with Annie forever after that.
Powers: None, unless you count rapid maturity, going from puppyhood to full-grown in a matter of about four months!
Group Affiliation: None
Miscellaneous: In the comic strip, Sandy's entire vocabulary was “Arf!” On the radio show, announcer Pierre Andre provided Sandy's Arf!

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