Monday, December 19, 2011

Dog of the Geek: Shelby!

shelbyBreed: Red Setter

Original Appearances: Smallville, beginning in episode 14 of the fourth season, “Krypto”.
Other Appearances: None.
Biography: Shelby was first introduced as a dog with strength comparable to Clark Kent's as a result of Kryptonite experimentation. Clark first wants to name the dog “Krypto” (explaining to Lex because of its cryptic origins). Lois Lane doesn't like the name, telling Clark he can name his next dog Krypto. Eventually, Clark names him Shelby after one of Martha Kent's old dogs... a better choice for him than Lois' favorite, “Clarky.” Shelby reappears periodically in remaining episodes of the series, although without the superstrength he'd demonstrated in that first episode.
Powers: Brief superstrength, later lost.
Group Affiliation: None.
Miscellaneous: In the comic book Superman For All Seasons, Clark Kent's farm dog is named Shelby, although that's because artist Tim Sale had a dog by the same name. In Superman Returns, Clark refers to Martha's dog as Shelby.

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