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The Indexible Hulk #14

Amazing Spider-Man 014Issue: Amazing Spider-Man #14

Title: “The Grotesque Adventure of The Green Goblin”

Credits: Written by Stan Lee, Illustrated by Steve Ditko, Lettered by Art Simek

Supporting Cast: None from the Hulk's book.

Villain: The Green Goblin, The Enforcers (Ox, Fancy Dan, Montana).

Hulk Intelligence: Brute

Guest-Stars: Technically, the Hulk is the guest-star here!

Plot: As the story opens, the Green Goblin is putting the final touches on his flying broomstick before meeting with the Enforcers, whom Spider-Man had just defeated in Amazing Spider-Man #10. Later, in a Hollywood film studio, producer B.J. Cosmos is approached by the Goblin, who promises him a movie hit starring himself, the Enforcers, and Spider-Man. B.J. Goes for it, and the Goblin leaves to make the arrangements. Later, in New York, Peter Parker and his fellow classmates are leaving school when a radio conveniently announces that a green-garbed figure on a flying broomstick has been seen in Manhattan. Pete ducks out and changes into Spider-Man, and swings to Manhattan, where he sees the Goblin for the first time. Approaching the Goblin, Spidey asks what he wants, and the Goblin presents the movie deal to him. B.J. Is in New York just to meet with Spidey, and Spidey meets with the producer and accepts the deal, signing a contract. The next morning, Peter shows up at the Daily Bugle, where news has already reached about Spidey's movie deal, and Pete manages to get the photo assignment. Much later, back in Hollywood, Spidey shows up for his first scene, thinking that the Enforcers on the set are just actors doubling for the originals. They head out on location, where they're filming a scene in which the Goblin and Enforcers are attacking Spider-Man, and shortly Spidey realizes the Enforcers are the real McCoy, and that it's a trap. Spidey could normally defeat the Enforcers quite easily, but with the Goblin and the Goblin's gizmos, Spidey is hard-pressed to win. When it appears Spider-Man is down, the Enforcers move in for the kill, but Spidey's just playing possum, and blows up some dust to cover his escape into a convenient cave. The Goblin spots him, however, and they follow him in, blocking the cave entrance with a huge boulder. Spidey uses strategy this time, hiding in the shadows and taking the Enforcers on one at a time, defeating each one, but then he runs into... The Hulk! Yeah, you were probably wondering when Greenskin was going to show up! The Hulk assumes Spidey's there to capture him, and the two start to fight, even though Spidey tries to convince Greenskin that there's no reason for them to battle. The Hulk doesn't listen, so the fight goes on! Spidey finally comes up with a plan to trick the Hulk into destroying the boulder blocking the cave exit and leaves, soon followed by the Goblin. Spidey decides to tackle the Goblin, but he's too worn out from fighting the Hulk to win, and he drops into a nearby lake. The Goblin leaves him for dead. The Hulk then emerges from the cave, but Spidey avoids him and sneaks back into the cave to pull out the unconscious Enforcers. Outside the cave, Spider-Man spots an army helicopter and, realizing that they'll land to investigate, leaves the Enforcers there and leaves the scene. Back at the studio, B.J. learns that the Goblin fled, the Enforcers are captured, and Spidey has vanished. When he learns the Hulk has been spotted, however, he wants to sign Greenskin to a contract! Spidey shows up at that time to collect on his contract, but the fine print says Spidey only gets paid when the movie's finished... but he'll pay Spidey's expenses anyway. The Goblin returns to Manhattan ahead of Spidey, and realizes that he needs to plan his future plots more carefully.

Invention Exchange: The Green Goblin's equipment

Reprinted In: Marvel Tales #9, Marvel Treasury Edition #1, Marvel Tales #152, Marvel Masterworks #5, Spider-Man Classics #15, Essential Spider-Man #1.

Notes: This was a very odd story to guest-star the Hulk, given that it really just introduces the Green Goblin, whose future modus operandi would be very different! Who could tell from this story that he would go on to kill Peter Parker's first true love? The Hulk's appearance seems mostly just to fill some pages and remind readers that Greenskin is around. The Goblin's plot, to entice Spider-Man with movie money, was similar to one in which Sub-Mariner learns the Fantastic Four is broke, and lures them to Hollywood to star in a movie in which he'd battle them – although the FF movie is completed, unlike Spidey's!

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