Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Kirby Kovers #14

You know, it's kind of odd to me that as I'm preparing this 14th edition of Kirby Kovers, you readers haven't seen the first one yet (which is about four weeks away from the time I'm preparing this). Obviously, the first Kirby Kover this week is Devil Dinosaur #2, and Kirby was really going wild with this one! Sure, the figure of Moon Boy is pretty lacking in detail (I'll be happy to blame the inker for that), but that's more than made up for by the awesome pose of Devil Dinosaur leaping to attack the giant spider! I mean, what's more awesome than a red dinosaur jumping to attack a giant golden spider? Okay, maybe a cyborg red dinosaur jumping to attack a giant Nazi spider... maybe.

Now we're going back to the Golden Age of Comics for the next Kirby Kover, and this one is Prize Comics #63! I'm guessing the fighter on the cover is Boom Boom Brannigan, which had to have been one of those lesser Simon and Kirby creations (let's face it, with Dick Briefer's Frankenstein in this book, a boxer, even one created by S&K, is going to suffer by comparison). You've just got to love all the details here that let you know what just happened, what's happening right now, and what to expect next!

Next, it's the cover to Two-Gun Kid #60, and it's really kind of lacking compared the first two covers here, isn't it? It's really a bizarre kind of cover layout for Kirby, and I almost have to wonder if the figure of Two-Gun was the only piece of art actually prepared for the cover, and the rest of it was pasted up? Or is there another story?

And then last -- but not least -- here's the cover to Strange Tales #74, featuring Gorgolla the living gargoyle! Once again, Kirby did a great job of showing the power and mass of the monster of the issue, with plenty of bystanders reacting to it! You know, sometimes I wonder, what if Kirby had gotten out of comics before the Marvel Age, and went into designing movie posters? Can you imagine the posters Kirby could've created for the Godzilla series?

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