Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Kirby Kovers #15

This week's first Kirby Kover is this issue of Tales of the Unexpected, and it's hard to read the number, but I think it's number 15... no, wait, it's number 13! It's a remarkably sedate cover for Kirby, especially when you consider how much more Kirby could've put into it. It's even more lacking than the Two-Gun Kid cover I showed you last week!

Next up, we have Boy Commandos #17, and I have to be honest, I've only read a few war-era stories of the Boy Commandos, so I honestly have no idea what's happening here, other than the obvious... but just seeing this cover makes me wish that Simon and Kirby had been able to keep this title going by throwing Rip and the boys into the future and having various Buck Rogers/Flash Gordon-esque adventures!

Here's a cover that I believe Kirby just did the layouts on, with the finishes being done by Don Heck, and it's the cover to Tales of Suspense #45, obviously. If this was a Kirby layout which Heck finished, I really have to wonder why Kirby bothered... it's probably the weakest of the early Iron Man covers, showing how difficult it was to be dynamic with the original armor design.

And finally, here's First Issue Special #1, featuring Kirby's Atlas, and I really wish this one had taken off, because this first issue is simply a tease! Yes, I know, The Jack Kirby Collector covered this back in August or September, but as I'm preparing this, I've not yet read that issue!

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