Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Kirby Kovers #16

Man, as much as I tried to randomize the Kirby Kovers, it does seem like there's been at least one Thor every two or three weeks already, doesn't it? Still, these are some great covers, and here's Kirby doing his take on a classic painting pose (this same pose was also used as the basis of an issue of Crisis on Infinite Earths, the issue where Supergirl died). Anyway, here's issue #127, and you can definitely feel how Odin feels about the (apparent) death of his son, although I think some shading on the All-Father's face would've carried this out a bit more, perhaps...

Next, it's Strange Tales #90, and this epic Kirby Kover featuring Orrgo, the Unconquerable! In a change of pace from the other Kirby monster kovers, this time the monster is coming right out at you! I love how the circus performers in the background are reacting... what's the matter, haven't they heard "The show must go on"?

Okay, I've read about how Kirby's war comics he did for DC in the 1970s were very personal, compared to the superheroic antics in books like Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos #16, but that doesn't mean that Kirby didn't give it his all for the less-realistic book, as you can see above! Look at the Howlers here... defeated, barely able to move enough to stagger away from the Nazi fortress! Can Fury and his men possibly overcome this latest threat to freedom? Well, of course, but that would've been a very different cover!

Finally, here's Captain America #198! That's some scope on that rifle, isn't it? You may recall that a few Kirby Kovers ago, I pointed out how often Kirby used triangles in his cover designs... check this one out! That's definitely a two-triangle layout! And I bet you can spot the triangles on at least one of the other covers in this week's installment, can't you?

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