Friday, December 02, 2011

Toy of the Week #14: AHI Spider-Cycles!

Of all the various Spider-Man toys AHI produced, a lot of them really didn't fit Spider-Man very well... this one comes pretty close to fitting, because for a short time in the comics, Peter Parker did ride a motorcycle! But I don't think he ever did as Spidey. Still, since AHI seemed to be stuck in the idea that everything they made for Batman, they had to make an equivalent version for Spider-Man (as well as the Hulk), kids of the 1970s got treated to some Spider-Cycles!
This one, from 1974, was pretty cool, all things considered. I'm sure they basically took the same molds they used for their Remote Controlled Batcycle, used some different color plastic, and then used Spider-Man stickers where they had Bat-stickers... and of course, also created a Spider-Man figure for it... but look closely at the Spidey figure... something weird is going on with it... check out the gloves and boots! Did AHI actually just modify slightly some previous motorcycle rider mold to make it look more like Spidey? You can tell that the gloves and boots were molded from red plastic, while the rest of the figure was blue with some red paint on it... Still, it was a remote-controlled Spider-Man motorcycle, and that's pretty cool if you're a kid in 1974!

But that wasn't the only Spider-Cycle AHI made, oh no! Here's one that is mysteriously orange in color, and uses the pull-strap and gyro combination to power it! Still, looks like the figure of Spidey on this one was much better done!

I think this was the best-selling Spidey-Cycle of them all, and that's my judgement based on recalling that my brothers and I had several of AHI's stunt cycles, but never the pull-strip versions -- of course, we had Batman and villains, not Spidey, but the point is probably equally valid, isn't it?

A bit of a stretch for a Spider-Cycle toy? Well, sure, the Action Straw isn't really something to play with, just to drink with, but it's still got a Spider-Man Motorcycle, so it counts in my book! This one is from 1977.


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