Friday, January 27, 2012

Dog of the Geek: Maximillion, The Bionic Dog!

maximillianBreed: German Shepherd

Original Appearances: The Bionic Woman (NBC) season three

Other Appearances: None that I'm aware of, Max didn't seem to appear in either the two Bionic Woman novels or the Charlton comic book, nor did he appear in the US or UK Bionic Woman Give-A-Show Projector sets. Max is apparently mentioned by name only in Return of the Six Million Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman.

Biography: Before Steve Austin became the Six Million Dollar Man, Dr. Rudy Wells tested his bionic technology on Max (who had been badly injured in a lab fire), giving him a bionic jaw and legs capable of running up to 90 mph. Since the dog's parts cost about a million dollars, it was decided to rename him “Max-a-million,” or Maximillion, although everyone just calls him “Max” for short. In Season Three of The Bionic Woman, Jaime Somers met Max, who was experiencing symptoms of an age-related variant of bionic rejection (a similar thing happened to Jaime when she first got her bionic parts, which she was cured of). Max was due for dissection to determine the exact cause, but Jaime discovered that this was a psychological condition due to memories of the fire that injured Max when he was a puppy (puppy PTSD? You bet!). With this overcome, Max was fine, and Jaime was able to adopt Max.

Powers: As noted above, Max had a bionic jaw (which presumably had super-strength, allowing him to bite through just about anything, as well as hold someone in place as long as he wanted) and bionic legs that allowed him to run at amazing speeds as well as jump extra high or extra far.

Group Affiliation: I suppose an argument could be made for the OSI (Office of Scientific Investigation)

Miscellaneous: Max was originally played by a German Shepherd named Bracken, while other German Shepherds played Max during the third and final season of The Bionic Woman.


  1. I loved Max! He was a great dog!

  2. He was... interesting how popular German Shepherds were on TV at the time, eh?


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