Saturday, January 07, 2012

Kirby Kovers #18

This week's first Kirby Kover is probably not the best of today's bunch, as you can see here with Tales of Suspense #63. Even the Cap figure doesn't seem to have the usual Kirby enthusiasm, almost as if Jack was thinking, "Man, can't Stan go any longer without redoing Cap's origin again?"

Jack definitely seemed more enthusiastic with the cover for Thor #142, didn't he? You know what my favorite part of this cover is? The fact that Thor's basically screwed -- he's going to fall down unless he gets Mjolnir spinning away, and he doesn't seem to even care... because he's Thor, dammit!

The cover for the one-shot In The Days of the Mob is different from Kirby's other Kovers, in that there's a few pieces of artwork at the bottom, but the rest of it is text and photos! Certainly there was better production of this collage than some of his earlier collage stuff, right?

I think maybe that the cover for Strange Tales #121 is my favorite this time around, though... because even though Plantman wasn't really a decent foe for the Torch, it's as if Jack didn't care, he was going to sell it anyway, complete with the Torch being menaced by a bunch of acorns! And Jack was the only artist of the day who could've pulled it off, I think!

We close this installment of Kirby Kovers with OMAC #6, which you can see has a very different look than the other Kirby Kovers... once again, Jack's work demonstrates a lot more stylization than his 60s work (as noted in previous installments). I must admit that I find it amusing that the number 52 is plastered all over this, given that as I'm writing this, DC's promoting their "New 52" titles, none of which I'm buying -- but I'd gladly buy any of the books featured in any of the Kirby Kovers installments!

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