Saturday, January 28, 2012

Kirby Kovers #22

Unlike last week's "token romance comics cover", this week's starting cover, Young Love #17, definitely has the Kirby look to it... awfully static, though, isn't it? Kind of a disappointment...

Next, we have Journey into Mystery #87, with what appears to be an earlier Thor adventure, before Kirby really made his proportions more godlike. Honestly, it's a rather silly situation, but Kirby apparently did the best he could. Of course, given that Thor's hammer is on the ground, within 60 seconds he'll be turning back to Don Blake, whose slimmer physique would probably let him slip out of these chains, "electronically treated" they may be (the Hulk used to get out of chains the same way, by turning back to Banner).

What? Two romance comics covers in one week, and both Young Love, this one #63? You'd better believe it! This is an improvement over the first one, although I would've liked to have seen more of the instant the stranger caught the heroine, but I suppose Kirby felt he needed to tone things down for the romance comics fans?

The last cover this week, Black Magic #26, is my favorite of this week's selection, and it's simply because the cover's more of an eyegrabber. I believe this was a Simon & Kirby combination, so that might explain it!

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