Monday, May 07, 2012

Comic Book Ads!

Time to check out some more comic book ads from old Gold Key Comics!
OK, here's one that appeared in Mighty Samson #26 (although I happen to have right next to me a copy of Superman #282 with it on the back cover) for Revell's Endangered Animals models, all with movable parts! Somehow, I don't think kids were buying these because of the fact that they were endangered -- I think most kids bought the gorilla kit (at least) because it was a gorilla!

From the sale issue... let's just ignore the mini posters, and focus on the Monster Robot thing... Just how easy does this thing look to build? Unless it's mostly made from cardboard boxes, I can't see how any kid would be able to make it move around. I'll bet a lot of kids sent off for these plans, though!

I really don't quite get why someone decided marketing dog tags at this point in history was a good idea... the Vietnam War and anti-war protests were still pretty fresh, and unless they figured they'd be able to somehow subvert the war by taking military items and making them into hippie things, it's just confusing. On the other hand, the "Yes or No" ring being sold? That's pretty straightforward, right? Purely sex-driven, and in a Gold Key comic, yet! For shame!

Had to go for the large size for this ad from the back cover... heck out all those funky posters! I can't help but think the giant one would've inspired more than a few nightmares, though!

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