Thursday, February 09, 2012

Dog of the Geek: Mr. Muggles!

mr_mugglesBreed: Pomeranian

Original Appearances: Heroes (NBC, 2006-2010)

Other Appearances: Perhaps the Heroes graphic novels, but I haven't bothered to read them at all.

Biography: Mr. Muggles is the pet of Sandra Bennet, Claire Bennet's (the cheerleader) adoptive mother and wife of Noah Bennet (the horn rimmed glasses guy). Sandra is very affectionate towards Mr. Muggles, and that seems to be reciprocated. In one episode, of the series, when Claire accidentally cuts off her hand (which she regenerates, since that's her power), Mr. Muggles drinks up the blood! When Sylar breaks into the Bennet home, he uses Mr. Muggles as his excuse to get in the house. He's probably confused when Sandra's memory is degraded after several exposure to the Haitian's power, and she forgets him, although apparently this memory is later recovered. Mr. Muggles does not adjust well when the Bennets move to Costa Verde, although when Claire puts on a dog program this seems to improve his mood. Mr. Muggles has alerted the Bennet family to the presence of other super-powered beings, but that's probably due to his sharper hearing due to his being a dog. Mr. Muggles is later controlled by Markus Gaines along with other dogs, and is forced to attack Sandra, although he later seeks forgiveness from Sandra when this control is broken. Later, after Sandra divorces Noah, she and Mr. Muggles meet and fall for Doug and his dog, Ms. Lovegood.

Powers: None, unless you consider his amazing aptitude for staying alive!

Group Affiliation: Bennet family.

Miscellaneous: In most episodes, Mr. Muggles was played by a dog named Lestat. Mr. Muggle's name was a reference to Harry Potter, as was Ms. Lovegood. An episode of the web series Behind the Eclipse has a joke by Chuck Kim that Mr. Muggles has the ability to rearrange matter on a sub-atomic level.

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