Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Kirby Kovers #23

First up this week is Tales to Astonish #8, featuring the return of Mummex! Just how many comics artists could really pull off a giant mummy like that? Sheesh, look at the width of those bandages!

Next, we have Rawhide Kid #34, with Kirby spotlighting two different stories, and in both instances, he catches the action at a great moment! Heck, in the top one, the bullet's not even two feet away from the gun yet!

Next, it's Strange Tales #73, with Grottu! Now, maybe it's just me, but Grottu looks more formidable than the Scarlet Beetle did from earlier this month... maybe it's because of the eyes?

One common cover concept in romance comics is the hero being kissed/hugged/etc. by one woman, while someone else looks on from the back. You even saw this in last week's Kirby Kovers! Well, Young Romance #87 is no exception! Of course, here the woman in the background is the one who truly loves the hero, even though he doesn't know it (as opposed to the other role, that being the woman being cheated on).

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