Sunday, August 05, 2012

Comic Book Ads!

Time for another parade of comic book advertisements!
And here's the first one, from Private Eye #5! This one immediately caught my attention with the "Electric TV Projector" being sold... yes, of course, it's because it kind of ties in with my Give-A-Show Projector obsession, and I've seen these offered up on eBay quite a few times (naturally, not at prices I've been able to afford). The slot machine on the opposite corner is amusing, just because of the whole "Little Bandit" thing with the picture of the cowboy robber!

Here's another ad from the same comic book, and as you can see, the concept of advertising schools through comics certainly wasn't a new thing in the 1970s, as some might think! I have no idea how many of these kind of ads were really legit or not, of course... but a bit of Googling reveals that this school is still around, and booming in this age where CSI and the spin-offs are very popular!

What is very different is evident in ads like this one, which assume that the average readers are weak and skinny -- unfortunately, as anyone can see when they go to a comic book convention, a lot of us (myself included at the present time) tend to be overweight!

Most of us could probably use this kind of course... although not the kind of attitude displayed in the comic strip portion of this ad, eh?

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