Saturday, April 07, 2012

Comic Book Ads!

This installment of Comic Book Ads begins with this "Super Saturday on ABC" ad that appeared in Mighty Samson #20, among other Gold Key titles, to promote the Fall 1969 Saturday Morning lineup! This first page features Casper the Friendly Ghost, The Smokey Bear Show, and the Cattanooga Cats. Now, I think I watched the Smokey show, but I definitely remember the Cattanooga Cats, the latest Hanna-Barbera rock group cartoon to hit the airwaves! The Smokey show was a Rankin-Bass production (they would achieve greater success in the 1970s with their Jackson Five and Osmonds cartoons). Oddly enough, that "New Adventures of Casper the Friendly Ghost" actually featured reruns from the 1963-1964 season as well as some of the original film shorts!

Here's the second page of the ad, and it begins with Hot Wheels, based on the Mattel car toys! According to the Encyclopedia of Animated Cartoon series, this show was produced by Ken Snyder for Pantomime Pictures, and was the first Anamorphic computer-animated series! I recall enjoying this show a lot as a kid!

Next, it's the Hardy Boys, loosely based on the Franklin W. Dixon line of mystery books, but updated and modernized by Filmation, which included creating a rock group out of the gang! The show opening and music segments featured the live-action group, although I don't know if they also did the speaking voices for their cartoon counterparts.

Next, it's Sky Hawks, sponsored by Mattel (and based on their toy line) and produced by Pantomime Pictures. This was followed by the Adventures of Gulliver, Hanna-Barbera's take on the classic satire, and having little to do with the original! This series was later added to the Banana Splits syndication package. Finally, there's Fantastic Voyage, another Filmation show, based on the movie of the same title. I'm looking forward to learning more about this show and the Hardy Boys when Lou Scheimer's autobiography comes out!

Nobody I knew filled in and mailed this application to join the Super Saturday Club, and I'm guessing that surviving kits are scarce as hen's teeth!

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