Friday, April 27, 2012

Comic Book Ads!

First one this time around was featured on the inside front cover of Mighty Samson #23, as well as other Gold Key books! As you can see, it's an ad for GAF's View-Master, especially the Disney ones! Well, they're the characters you can see pictured, but the text also mentions Casper, the Partridge Family, Snoopy, and the Flintstones! I'm not enough of a View-Master collector to identify the three reel sets in the photo underneath the Donald Duck set! Sometimes I find it hard to believe that this toy line still lasts (well, okay, barely lasts) today, while so many other toy lines from my childhood (indeed, toy companies) are long gone!

Hmmm.... "It looks like it's moving even when it's standing still," eh? I wonder how many kids tried to get on the Free Spirit Spyder and fell off because it looked like it was moving, even though it was standing still?

Okay, I know, I'm just being silly. But no sillier than the ad, eh?

Well, THAT bike doesn't look like it's moving, does it? Actually, at first glance, without reading the text and just seeing the photos, it almost looks like the bike was killed by the BB gun!

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