Monday, April 30, 2012

Cover Redux!

About time I got around to Fury, eh? So we've got Sgt. Fury #24 on the left, and issue #126 on the right. This time around, when the image was reduced, it was added to on the right and bottom, instead of the usual top and left. Also note the coloring -- Fury and his boys are now in green instead of brown (save for Percy), and the coloring is more nighttime. Anyone else see any differences I missed?

Now we have Fantastic Four #80 on the left, Marvel's Greatest Comics #62 on the right. art-wise, the image has been shifted down and cropped at the bottom, and the coloring is overall more brighter. Toomazuma is no longer hidden in shadows, but out there in the open, all bright and colorful. The Torch's flames on his body are now individually colored yellow, too. Of course, the text saying "Guest Starring: Wyatt Wingfoot!" was redone -- at least Wyatt's name was redone, while the "Guest Starring" may have been just moved. Hey! I just noticed there's a new hand ang gun there! Look by the Thing's knee on both pictures -- there's a new hand in place -- a new leg below that, too! Odd that it's a right hand and not a left, though!

Now we have Amazing Spider-Man #103 and Marvel Tales #81, and obviously, they're using different covers entirely! What makes this unique, however, is that both covers were drawn by Gil Kane! It's odd to me that they'd even bother doing a new cover... although I suppose there's a problem with trying to make the original cover work with the UPC code. If you leave the cover as is, you're covering Zabu's head! If you flip the art, it's over Gog's head! So a new cover was ordered, apparently. Odd that someone figured that cavemen and J. Jonah Jameson would be better selling points than Gog, Ka-Zar and Zabu, eh?

Here's another new cover art situation... with the original being Tales of Suspense #77, and the reprinted story appearing in Marvel Super-Heroes #30. Looking at it right now, I'm kind of surprised they even bothered to do new art... surely they could've used the top half of the original, and then plugged half of the original issue the Daredevil story came from... but Marvel was apparently big on doing the new art for the Iron Man/DD issues of MSH. The original cover was Gene Colan, by the way, and the new one was by Sal Buscema!

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