Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Dog of the Geek: Queequeg!

Queequeg_is_bathed_by_Dana_ScullyBreed: Pomeranian.

Original Appearances: The X-Files (first appeared in 1995)
Other Appearances: Unknown, possibly in an X-Files comic or novel.
Biography: Queequeg was originally owned by Mrs. Lowe, who lived in an apartment. When psychic Clyde Bruckman was collecting garbage from the apartment, he had a vision of the dog as eating bloodied human remains, so he shooed the dog away from the door. Bruckman was concerned about whether Mrs. Lowe had enough dogfood, but she took no notice. Later, after Bruckman helped FBI Agents Mulder and Scully on a murder case, the agents found Queequeg and a letter about the dog outside of Lowe's apartment, and it's discovered that Lowe ha died, and apparently Queequeg ate some of the remains. Scully takes Queequeg into her care, naming the dog after the character in Moby Dick (a Scully family tradition – it's unknown what the dog's name was before). Queequeg is never left in a kennel, but instead Scully prefers to leave him with her mother or a local dog-sitter. In one instance, when neither was available, the dog accompanied Scully and Mulder when they went to Heuvelmans Lake in Georgia. Mulder, for his part, did not seem to care for the dog at all, referring to him as “that thing.” During the course of this mission, Queequeg led Scully to a fake animal boot that helped in the investigation, however during the later investigation, Queequeg was apparently eaten alive by a creature called Big Blue, which turned out to be either an alligator (which the agents found) or a plesiosaur-like creature (unnoticed by the agents). Mulder was sorry about Queequeg's fate. Scully later had a conversation with Mulder when she recalled Queequeg, saying, “Poor Queequeg.” Later, when Scully was preparing to go on maternity leave in 2001, she cleared out Mulder's former desk at the X-Files office, taking several small personal effects that included Queequeg's old name tag (recovered at the scene where Queequeg was eaten), which had begun to rust.
Powers: None
Group Affiliation: None.
Miscellaneous: Queequeg only appeared in the episodes “Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose,” “War of the Coprophages,” and “Quagmire,” although he's mentioned in “Alone” and “Trust No 1.” The writer/producers of X-Files have joked that the dog was brought back just to kill him in grisly fashion.

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