Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Dog of the Geek: Santa's Litle Helper!

SantasLittleHelperBreed: Greyhound

Original Appearances: The Simpsons

Other Appearances: Other Simpsons merchandise, including comic books and video games.

Biography: Originally, Santa's Little Helper was a racing greyhound which Homer Simpson bets on with the Christmas money he made working as Santa. Homer believes the dog's name is a sign, but loses his money, and Santa's Little Helper finishes dead last, resulting in the owner abandoning him. Homer and Bar adopt the dog, giving the Simpsons a merry Christmas after all. In most episodes, Santa's Little Helper is usually seen chewing on objects in the Simpson household, tearing up the furniture, digging holes in the backyard, or eating food from the dining room table. Santa's Little Helper has not had the healthiest history, nearly dying of gastric torsion and breaking two legs in another episode. In one episode, “The Canine Mutiny,” Bart abandons the dog for Laddie, a purebred and very well-trained dog, but eventually Bart sees the light and takes Santa's Little Helper back. In another episode, “Stop, Or My Dog Will Shoot,” he becomes a hero after saving Homer and becomes a police dog, but eventually goes back to living with the Simpsons. Later, he's kicked out of the house by Homer because the dog didn't save Homer from a fire in the treehouse (Homer was instead rescued by Snowball V, the family's latest cat), but after the dog briefly replaces Duffman as Duff Beer's mascot, the family takes him back again. There were several other episodes where the dog is kicked out or given away, and then returns to the Simpsons again, although there were variations. Santa's Little Helper has sired at least two litters of puppies (a total of at least 33 puppies so far).

Powers: None

Group Affiliation: Simpsons family.

Miscellaneous: Santa's Little Helper was originally voiced by Frank Welker, but after 2002, Frank Castellaneta has provided the dog's voice.

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