Monday, April 02, 2012

Emerald City Comicon 2012 Wrap-Up!

So, another ECCC has come and gone, and even though I attended it on Saturday and Sunday, I feel as though I didn't get enough of it! I think next year, I'll have to do all three days, because I only went to one panel, and didn't see any of the media guests.

It was a good time, though, and I got lots of great deals. I mentioned the Diamond Select Frankenstein yesterday, which I thought was a deal at $15, but then on Sunday, I found a dealer who'd marked theirs down to $5! But it was okay, because they also had the Diamond Select Wolfman (which I hadn't seen before, and looked like Chaney) and Dracula (which didn't look like any particular Dracula, so I wasn't planning to get it, but...) for the same price, so I picked up both of them!

I also finally found someone with quarter comics, and I picked up $4 worth (at the five for a buck bulk rate), so I did get some actual floppies!

But the bulk -- and I do mean bulk -- of what I bought were trade paperbacks, all at 70% off cover price! Here's the list:

Essential Avengers 2
Essential Dr. Strange 2
Essential Spider-Woman 1
Essential Classic X-Men 2
Essential Avengers 5
Essential Fantastic Four 5
Essential Captain America 4
Showcase Presents Martian Manhunter 2
Showcase Presents Teen Titans 2
Showcase Presents Batman and the Outsiders 1
Showcase Presents Metal Men 1
Showcase Presents Superman Family 3
Showcase Presents Justice League of America 3
Showcase Presents Strange Adventures 1
Showcase Presents Hawkman 1
The Original Encyclopedia of Comic Book Heroes Vol. 1 (Batman)
The Original Encyclopedia of Comic Book Heroes Vol. 3 (Superman)

I could've bought more, but I wasn't sure which volumes I already had or didn't have of some... but that was a pretty good haul, especially for that price!

The one panel I attended was on the future of the Star Trek franchise, which was billed as being hosted by this one writer with a panel of experts, but there was no panel! Instead, the guy who did the panel (I can't find my program book now, or I'd provide his name) talked about what he thought the future of Trek should be in his opinion, and then there were comments, questions, and opinions from the audience.

Yes, I did have a few things to say, but I kept it brief. I agreed with the moderator that I preferred my Star Trek to be on television, rather than a series of movies -- also that I would be happy to see new Trek be in any era (there's a lot of time between Enterprise and the Original Series, for example... one could do an entire series on the Federation-Romulan War, I think; optionally, it could be set on a different starship at the time of the Original Series). I also mentioned that one of the things I didn't like about the new Trek movie was that it had to be some major origin with "look at all these cool ideas I had for how they got together" crap that just made me more annoyed than anything else. Seriously, they had Kirk join Starfleet after all the crew that ended up serving under him, and passing them all in rank? And Spock was that easy for Kirk to make upset? I would've been happier if the movie had opened with Kirk reporting onto the Enterprise as her new captain, and the crew wondering who this guy was, and how did he get to be a captain at that young an age -- and then we can see in his actions why he's the captain.

Anyway... I didn't do any video this time, and didn't get as many photos as I planned, but here's what I have:

Desi in her Supergirl costume - you can see why everyone wanted their picture taken with her, right?

Desi and Tristan in their costumes -- Tristan had a harder time remembering to keep his mask on than Tobey Maguire's Spider-Man! I think if he'd stayed masked, more people might've asked to take his photo.

Some very cool geek-related Lego masterpieces!

Professor Utonium from The Powerpuff Girls

A blurry photo of myself and John Lustig, creator of "Last Kiss".

Black Widow and Catwoman -- there were a lot of Black Widows and Catwomen around!

Tristan and Desi with a distaff Cobra Commander. I actually had to point out some of the costumes to the kids or else they wouldn't have seen them!

Sorry about how blurry these pictures are -- I'm not used to taking pictures with my iPhone on the go like this! Anyway, here's Arthur and the Tick!

Brainiac 5! I also saw a Lightning Lad, but didn't get his picture taken.

Very blurry Ambush Bug (sorry about that, it was a very good costume, too) and a mini-Cyclops!

The kids with an old-school Cyclops and his Mini-Me! This Cyclops had to keep raising his visor when he walked around, because he couldn't see very well out of it! He should've had some red sunglasses to wear when he was visorless.

Tristan with Phoenix!

This trio of Poison Ivy, a female Robin, and Catwoman asked to have their photos taken with Desi! Speaking of the female Robin, one trend (kind of disturbing) at the convention was women dressed up as female versions of male characters -- and I'm not talking about She-Hulk, Spider-Woman (although there was at least one of them there), Supergirl (quite a few of those) and that sort of thing -- I'm talking female Captain Americas, female Mario and Luigis (two sets of them ran into each other in the lobby area), and so on!

Desi with Colossus and (I'm guessing here) Kitty Pryde.

Lone Riddler and Cub

You might remember movie Tony Stark from last year's video -- he really upped the ante with his power gauntlet this year!

Mandalorian warrior


Movie Batman continues to be popular, I don't remember seeing any comics Batmen outside of the little kids.

Leela, a most excellent Bender, and Fry from Futurama, of course! I have to admit, I'm always disappointed when people in costume don't stay in character -- I mean, when people asked to take Bender's photo, he should've been telling them to bite his shiny metal ass, right?

Crowd shot from Sunday morning, waiting to get in.

Speedy, Starman, and Green Arrow

Only one booth really had much for vintage toys, and this was one of their items I wish I could've afforded - a Micky Dolenz doll, but they wanted $65 for it! They also had this Monkees novel I wanted, as well as an old Batman coloring book (among other things), but I couldn't quite see paying the prices they were asking, fair as they were!

Evil-Lyn and someone in red I don't recognize, probably from Masters of the Universe or She-Ra, Princes of Power.

Probably the best Darth Vader costume I've ever seen, I wish I had a better photo!

Old-school Cylon!

Another blurry photo here, one of the two Power Girls I saw -- this was the only one with the figure for it, though -- and she definitely kept in character for photos!

So, let me say something else about being in costume at conventions... I think part of the fun of dressing up is to be in character as much as possible. Oh, I'm not saying that if you dress up as the Joker, you should try to kill everyone dressed up as Batman, that's not my point at all... But you should at least be prepared to say something like, "Why look, it's half of the Dynamic Dim-Wits! You can't do anything to stop me today, Caped Crumb-Bum!" Likewise, if you're dressed up as a Jedi Knight, and someone asks if they can take your photo, you should at least gesture and intone, "You have already taken my photo."

I think it's especially important to be in character for the kids attending, many of whom think these are the real deal (at least, until they see their fourth or fifth Spider-Man, anyway). And work on the voice, too! If I ever lose my extra weight again and get in better shape to the point where I get my Superman costume out of mothballs, you can be darn sure I'll be in character as much as possible -- and yes, that means if I see a good deal on something I want to by, I'll say, "Great Scott! That is an amazing price!"

It's amazing to me how, in ten short years, this convention has grown... it rivals some of the bigger conventions, and it's going to keep getting bigger. They had three floors of the convention center this time, and they definitely need more space. Having Artist's Alley, the exhibitors, and the dealers in the one room they're in now is not enough space for them, and I know they sell out of spaces fast. I can only hope they'll expand some more... and even start considering at least going all-day on Friday, and in the future, look at making it a four-day event!


  1. It's a bit modern for me but... Stephanie Brown was a female Robin from 2004 (Robin #126) and Carrie Kelley in Dark Knight Returns (something, i never much cared for.. even less so when that future 'more evil' Batman from it became the modern day Batman.. I'll stick with Adam West for now. People might moan, but atlest it was pretty true to the comics around the peiord ^_^

    1. Pretty sure they weren't going for either of them, none had the sunglasses/goggles Carrie wore in Miller's stuff, and they showed more skin than the former Spoiler did.

  2. yeah.. Though the main Spoiler i know is, of course, the Spider Man villain who puts Rubber Gloves in Sandwitchs. Oh and Catra, She-Ra's main enemy ^_^ well.. Originally MEANT to be her main villian, but for the Cartoon, they decided to take Hordak and the Horde (which weren't She-ra toys or Characters) and make them into her main enemy, with Catra as 'sidekick'.


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