Sunday, April 01, 2012

Emerald City Comicon, Day One!

So I'm sitting in my hotel room near Sea-Tac Airport recovering from the day at ECCC, and boy are my arms tired -- and so is my back! My wife and kids joined me for the day, Desi in her Supergirl costume and Tristan in his Batman costume, and I think they got photographed more than some of the adults in costume!

There were some bargains to be had, if you knew where to look -- I bought a huge stack of Essentials and Showcases from one dealer for 70% of cover price, for example. I had one action figure purchase -- a Diamond Select Frankenstein -- and also something tht fits into my Give-A-Show collection, too.

I didn't't get to any panels, but saw lots of cool costumes! I plan on seeing at least one panel today (Sunday), but otherwise will be wandering around the convention floor with my brother Jeff, to see what I missed on Saturday. If any of you reading this are heading out to ECCC today, look for me, I'm the six foot four guy with dark brown hair end out of fashion glasses wearing a geeky shirt! It's blue with the original X-Men,

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