Monday, April 16, 2012

Kirby Kovers!

It's time for some Kirby Kovers, beginning with Fantastic Four #17! This style of cover would be a mainstay for the FF, especially for issues where Dr. Doom separates the team, although I think more often than not it would be divided up vertically and horizontally, instead of diagonally. Also, instead of seeing Doom in the center, that's where the blurb would be. I find it interesting that the Invisible Girl's section is right where the arrow is pointing, because I've heard that in the first few years of the FF, readers would write in and complain about her!

Kirby didn't do much Daredevil work outside of DD's guest-appearances in the FF, so Daredevil #3 is a nice surprise! Unfortunately, the cover is a little bit of a letdown, if you ask me... the only real action is DD jumping over the opened trap door. Perhaps it would've worked better if the camera was moved to behind the Owl's chair, so we don't see the Owl himself (keep him a secret)? Although I have to say the Owl does look rather foreboding!

Next, it's House of Mystery #79, and while the guy driving the speedboat looks fine, that crystal monster looks rather uninspired to me. I'm guessing Kirby was stuck with whatever look the interior artist came up with?

Next, Marvel Super-Heroes #54, sporting a new Kirby Kover! Why? Because Marvel seemed to have decided that the Hulk should always get the cover spot after a few issues (maybe they sold better?) so when they were reprinting issues of Tales to Astonish that had Sub-Mariner covers, they had artists draw new covers. Sometimes, they would even have new covers done for issues reprinting Hulk covers, too, which is actually the case here! I'm guessing that nobody could figure out how to make the original cover to Tales To Astonish #99 work here, but I'll get into that more when this issue comes up in Cover Redux!

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