Thursday, April 26, 2012

Kirby Kovers!

Last time around, I had Daredevil #3, this time it's DD #2! Now, this definitely has more action than the last one I featured, but there's still some odd stuff going on here... like the position of the rope DD's holding! Overall it looks off, which I'm going to attribute to the Vince Colletta inks.

Ah, that's much better! Here's Tales of Suspense #92, and I have to say, Kirby's TOS covers with Captain America are some of my favorites! This design goes back to Kirby's use of triangles to break up a cover -- Nick makes one triangle, Cap and the bad guy make up another, and the yellow floor with shattered glass makes a third one!

You knew I had to get to the Jimmy Olsen covers sooner or later, right? Here's issue 139's cover, and it features the infamous Goody Rickles! You know, I never realized it before, but there's something familiar about Goody's costume... like if the green was yellow, it'd be someone else's? Anyway, the only really bad things about this cover are the pasted-in redrawings of Superman and Jimmy Olsen's heads, done because DC's knickers were getting in a twist at the idea that Superman's appearance couldn't change based on the artist's style!

And finally, here's Thor #252! Of course, this was a 1970s cover, from when Jack came back to Marvel after doing the Fourth World, Kamandi and the Demon (among others) at DC. It's a good cover, don't get me wrong, but I find myself wishing that we had Vince Colletta's inks (which I always thought suited Jack's pencils well on Thor) as well as the original coloring style that was used in Marvel's 1960s books, which made them look almost painted in some ways.

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